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From Silver Service to Executive Search

Ennis and Co are proud to introduce our newest team member, Freddie Keyworth, who joins us as a trainee - and we’d like Freddie to introduce himself through our blog! So without further ado…

Having come from a world of à la carte menus, wine lists and expensive tastes, I now embark on my newest journey at the ’14-course tasting menu’ of Executive Search company Ennis & Co.

My first two weeks have been interesting to say the least, with international problems arising – such as the Chinese economy taking a nosedive, European migrant issues, heartbroken girls worldwide (following the “temporary separation” of One Direction) and still no prospect of finding a new leader for the Labour party - perhaps that’s something we can help them with…

On a more serious note…

So far my time at Ennis & Co has been focused on getting to grips with the ins and outs of the Automotive Industry by understanding its network of connections in terms of which company is responsible for what product, which retailer is responsible for selling which manufacturer’s product, who supplies into each company, and how Ennis & Co is tied in with all of the above…

But that’s not all…

What I’m looking to achieve within my first year is to form a community, a community of likeminded people who, like me, are ambitious and who have found their passion for the automotive industry. Automotive apprentices, interns, and graduates on training programmes - I am shouting out to you! I will be regularly updating you about what I’m up to, but more importantly, I would like to hear from you, what you have been doing, from your viewpoint, not your employer’s.

I’m just going to leave you with one thought; we are generation Y and Z, and if we want to have our say about how working life should be, we need to make sure we are giving the input on what we want.

So let’s get together and share our ideas to help benefit our generation’s future. Link in with me so we can build this community.

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by Lynda Ennis

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