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Event: Making diversity & inclusion a reality in the UK automotive industry

How prepared is your business to embrace and include diverse talent? This inaugural event will explore the latest thinking on where we are now, and where we need to be as an industry in both promoting inclusiveness and creating a culture of diversity and inclusion (D&I) across the automotive sector. [Read what our co-founder Lynda Ennis has to say.

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As we enter a shiny New Year full of excitement, promise, potential and, let’s face it squarely, a large dollop of uncertainty, the ability to ‘reverse ferret’ is not a bad skill to carry across into wider industry.

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Is glass really shattering – or is hell just freezing over?

It strikes me that ‘diversity’ is turning into an industry of its own with all the hall-marks of those self-publicising self-help gurus who promise to change your life. But how much of it is smoke and mirrors?

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Now is the time for exceptional talent - APPLY HERE

Firms are still hiring. Business is still brisk. Did the world come to an end? No. Have things slowed down? No. But did something change fundamentally? Yes, absolutely. And the biggest challenge is leadership.

Just as in the aftermath of the recession a decade go, firms needed a new type of leader to get them through it. The skills needed to navigate the challenges ahead are different. One might even draw contrasting parallels with Winston Churchill’s heroic wartime leadership of the nation and, following his initial landslide defeat in the 1945 election, his patchier post-war peacetime tenure in Downing Street. The skills needed are not the same.

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Never waste a good crisis

High flying careers that looked set to shoot to the stars are suddenly shot out of the sky and plummet back down to Earth in flames. Those once contemplating promotion are instead reconsidering their futures.

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On the Move - with Lynda Ennis

Are you counting the days and hours to the weekend to recharge your batteries, reintroduce yourself to the family, or enjoy a spell of ‘chillaxing’? Don’t feel too guilty, you’ve probably earned it.

But equally you may be unaware that while you are rightly winding down for that well earned weekend break, many executives in the automotive industry are quietly and surreptitiously gearing up for potentially the most arduous part of their own week.

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Something for the holidays: a look back at the year (so far) in auto.

For this blog, we have spoken to Automotive Marketing Consultant Al Clarke, who has worked with Ferrari, The SMMT and the APC in his time within the automotive sector. We asked him to summarise the year to date in the industry, based on what he has seen.

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Are you missing a great networking opportunity? What the savvy candidates know.

Are you missing an opportunity to enhance your own personal brand?

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