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News posts from: 2015

The Next Generation Award winner revealed – and this gong really does matter!

Morven Fraser will never forget this week. And with good reason too, because the University of Glasgow student has just won the 2015 Autocar-Courland Next Generation Award for her innovative energy storage concept. She is about to embark on six months of industrial experience with Jaguar Land Rover, McLaren, Peugeot, Skoda, Toyota and Honda as well as taking her £9,000 cash prize.

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Outplacement – a small price to pay to maintain your brand reputation amongst employees

Outplacement assists in maintaining your brand reputation amongst employees, and can do a lot for the feelings and state of mind of people who are exiting the organisation. There is no questioning the importance of maintaining good relationships with ex-employees and a good outplacement programme is one of the best possible ways of doing this.

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Ennis & Co is quoted in Auto Retail Agenda.

The report into gender diversity in boardrooms, led by Lord Mervyn Davies, has now been published, and has stated that a “major milestone” has been reached regarding the number of women in boardroom positions.

Lord Davies has said that there are no more all male FTSE 100 companies thanks to a voluntary 25 percent target of women board members, however Lord Davies said the focus should now be on a new target of 33 percent at FTSE 350 companies by 2020. In 2011, women made up 12.5 percent of board members.

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Employment law and good behaviour Part 2 - Garden Leave

All conflict is emotionally draining…it affects your wellbeing and your personal life, often quite seriously. More often than not, employer/employee disputes shouldn’t have happened and need not have. Of course there will always be times when “things are simply impossible”. But by and large, adopting and maintaining the right behaviours from the outset can mitigate this enormously.

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Employment law steps in where good behaviour breaks down

The existence of employer/employee disputes in the first instance is often down to whether both parties have treated each other fairly, reasonably and courteously – most of this comes down to simple good treatment and behaviour.

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From Silver Service to Executive Search

Our newest team member is helping to drive our continued evaluation of the industry by speaking to apprentices - watch this space.

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Something for the holidays: a look back at the year (so far) in auto.

For this blog, we have spoken to Automotive Marketing Consultant Al Clarke, who has worked with Ferrari, The SMMT and the APC in his time within the automotive sector. We asked him to summarise the year to date in the industry, based on what he has seen.

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Why are we treating each other like this?

When nearly everyone you speak to says they treat others as they wish to be treated, and a significant number of people you speak to say that they’re not happy with how they’re being treated, what is going on?

The reasons for this are doubtless complex and numerous. In this article, I have suggested a few - as well as some solutions - and discuss the importance of emotional, as well as intellectual, qualities in leaders.

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Employee engagement isn’t a strategy, it’s an attitude. And it drives customer loyalty.

If companies don’t engender loyalty within their own people, how can they expect their people to engender loyalty in customers? And isn’t customer loyalty something the automotive industry really needs?

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Why career transitioning is like a marathon.

When your professional circumstances change, it can feel like you’ve just been told you’ve got to run a marathon when you’ve had no time to prepare for it. I simply couldn’t avoid the analogy as I watched those runners on April 26th.

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