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News posts from: 2016


As we enter a shiny New Year full of excitement, promise, potential and, let’s face it squarely, a large dollop of uncertainty, the ability to ‘reverse ferret’ is not a bad skill to carry across into wider industry.

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Is glass really shattering – or is hell just freezing over?

It strikes me that ‘diversity’ is turning into an industry of its own with all the hall-marks of those self-publicising self-help gurus who promise to change your life. But how much of it is smoke and mirrors?

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Now is the time for exceptional talent - APPLY HERE

Firms are still hiring. Business is still brisk. Did the world come to an end? No. Have things slowed down? No. But did something change fundamentally? Yes, absolutely. And the biggest challenge is leadership.

Just as in the aftermath of the recession a decade go, firms needed a new type of leader to get them through it. The skills needed to navigate the challenges ahead are different. One might even draw contrasting parallels with Winston Churchill’s heroic wartime leadership of the nation and, following his initial landslide defeat in the 1945 election, his patchier post-war peacetime tenure in Downing Street. The skills needed are not the same.

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Never waste a good crisis

High flying careers that looked set to shoot to the stars are suddenly shot out of the sky and plummet back down to Earth in flames. Those once contemplating promotion are instead reconsidering their futures.

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‘BREXIT’ Special Report

• Full speed ahead or car crash? The post-Brexit future of the UK in Europe

• EU ‘will not bite its nose to spite its face’ by taking revenge on Britain over Brexit, say car bosses

• Business secretary Javid vows to fight tariffs to save jobs

• ‘we need tariff-free access to Europe to preserve jobs’, say carmakers

• £72billion boost to UK motor industry

• UK motor manufacturing continues to rise – for now

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Revving up at glorious Goodwood

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Spirit of self-drive

A visionary self-driving Rolls-Royce with a virtual on-board Spirit of Ecstasy guide called ‘Eleanor’ and a radical go-cart MINI made for sharing were unveiled in Britain and displayed at London’s Roundhouse by BMW as the German car-giant celebrated its centenary with futuristic vehicles pointing towards ‘the next hundred years’ of the two British brands which it owns.

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Sum of its parts - new jobs boost from £225m investment

British motor industry parts suppliers are planning £225million of new investment over the next three years in next three years – averaging £674,000 per firm, says a poll of more than 100 firms by SMMT.

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At your service - for £695 a year

British motorists spend an average £695 a year keeping their cars on the road - one of the highest figures in the world for servicing and repairs.

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Smart attack: Volkswagon and Ford bid for connected car supremacy

Giant German car-maker VW said its new ‘TOGETHER – Strategy 2025’ marks ‘the biggest change process in the Volkswagen Group’s history’

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