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News posts from: June, 2016

Revving up at glorious Goodwood

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Spirit of self-drive

A visionary self-driving Rolls-Royce with a virtual on-board Spirit of Ecstasy guide called ‘Eleanor’ and a radical go-cart MINI made for sharing were unveiled in Britain and displayed at London’s Roundhouse by BMW as the German car-giant celebrated its centenary with futuristic vehicles pointing towards ‘the next hundred years’ of the two British brands which it owns.

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Sum of its parts - new jobs boost from £225m investment

British motor industry parts suppliers are planning £225million of new investment over the next three years in next three years – averaging £674,000 per firm, says a poll of more than 100 firms by SMMT.

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At your service - for £695 a year

British motorists spend an average £695 a year keeping their cars on the road - one of the highest figures in the world for servicing and repairs.

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Smart attack: Volkswagon and Ford bid for connected car supremacy

Giant German car-maker VW said its new ‘TOGETHER – Strategy 2025’ marks ‘the biggest change process in the Volkswagen Group’s history’

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Don't waste your talent

If a company has invested years nurturing and grooming talent within its own ranks, why waste it? More and more organisations have created good talent pools and see the benefits of promoting from within people whose careers they have helped develop – rather than recruiting from outside.

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Do you deserve a dressing down?

Breaking with decades of tradition, they can instead trade-in their pin-stripes for ‘business casual’ pullovers, polo-shirts and chinos. But they generally draw the line at ‘weekend casual’ wear of jeans and flip-flops.

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Women execs drive motor industry gear-change – but more females needed

Two years ago Ennis & Co organised a ‘Women in Automotive’ conference in London which set the tone for a diversity debate which continues with vigour today. Supported by Aston Martin, around 90 senior female executives from the industry shared ideas about how to attract more women at all levels into the automotive sector. That event led to the creation of a number of working groups and directly our automotive talent conference in April hosted by Toyota. It is good to see that the ripples from our agenda-setting work are now spreading even wider.

Citroen’s global boss Linda Jackson has, for example, been named

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On the Move - with Lynda Ennis

Are you counting the days and hours to the weekend to recharge your batteries, reintroduce yourself to the family, or enjoy a spell of ‘chillaxing’? Don’t feel too guilty, you’ve probably earned it.

But equally you may be unaware that while you are rightly winding down for that well earned weekend break, many executives in the automotive industry are quietly and surreptitiously gearing up for potentially the most arduous part of their own week.

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