The wheels are still turning…

Whilst most parts of the world are going into lock down, some positive news is that China has started to return to some normality, with businesses starting up again, and the wheels (if you excuse the pun!) at Ennis & Co are still turning.

Amidst the flow of media surrounding COVID-19, we have been delighted to hear good news in the industry. Polestar has announced the appointment of two additional members to its Board of Directors to accelerate growth and development; plus, in double celebration, Polestar have also announced that the production of Polestar 2 will begin this week. This has resulted from China’s stringent health policies at work, such as taking the temperatures of workers and the persistent use of masks, has resulted in the China-based teams reporting zero cases of the virus.

As other businesses in the industry and beyond continue to carry on through these turbulent times, Ennis & Co is staffed as normal, albeit working remotely, which is a good thing as we have initiated several new pieces of work in the last week – one of which is a mapping assignment for a new client, a large independent wholesaler, distributor and retailer. Our work aims to help this organisation identify the skill level for their specific roles, as well as illustrating the geographical spread of talent and where suitable candidates can be discovered.

Ennis & Co are also supporting internal recruitment functions, which may be under-resourced during this period; as well as working on several international assignments for a fantastic and iconic vehicle OEM.

If you think we can support either contact us by email or call 01962 392150, we’d be delighted to help.

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