Why choose Ennis & Co?

We deliver outstanding candidates

The automotive industry is changing at a dizzying rate.

The rapid evolution of electric vehicles, autonomous driving, ride sharing and innovative mobility services are revolutionising the sector, while advances in digital technology are transforming everything from design and engineering to production and sales.

Never has it been more critical to find smart, strategic leaders who can seize the initiative and keep your organisation ahead of the game.

Meanwhile, workplace cultures are undergoing similarly seismic changes as automotive companies pursue proactive HR strategies to broaden the diversity of their leadership teams, ensuring they attract the best talent from inside and outside the industry to fill traditional and next-generation roles.

In such disruptive times, you need an established executive search company who are not just acknowledged experts in all aspects of the automotive sector but who are one of the industry’s most prominent and vocal advocates of diversity and inclusion.

It’s why Ennis & Co are trusted by so many of the world’s leading automotive brands to find the best candidates to fill their leadership roles.

We understand your business goals, and the people you need to drive them.

And we deliver.