The Brief

All of our assignments begin with a brief, and we try to distinguish our service right from the start.

We place great emphasis on communicating with you at all stages of an assignment, and we are always available to you.

We spend as long as it takes to get a very detailed brief from you, and we begin our search immediately because valuable professionals are rarely on the market for long.

As part of our process we ensure that every candidate is fully briefed about your vacancy and provide them with a detailed candidate pack containing information taken from the client brief and the job description.

We believe that a search should begin while a brief is fresh in the mind. Briefs are about people and they come from people. The emotional element of a brief does not survive well on the page, but will often reveal the most about your needs.

We recognise the need to exercise the utmost discretion in our assignments and are happy to create and work to Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).

Contact us to discuss your brief.

Our Long List

We aim to deliver an exceptional degree of choice of in our assignments. Our research is broad, deep and thorough, and we deliver an extensive long list of candidates, usually identifying and speaking in depth to many more candidates than are to be found in a typical search.

We present this long list in the form of a detailed report to you, allowing you to make an informed decision. We ensure that our research is exemplary and exhaustive, simply because we agree with the credo that a choice of one is a choice of none!

We have also found that the intellectual property within our search reports is valuable to our clients who use it for benchmarking, succession planning and talent mapping.

Our own experiences as senior professionals have given us a solid understanding of the importance of brand, and we approach each assignment determined to act as a custodian of your brand, ensuring that candidates leave the process with a very good impression of your company.

Despite the comprehensive approach we apply to each assignment, we aim to complete most searches, from brief to long list, within six weeks.

Our search reports are highly confidential, but if you would like to get a sense of how we produce them (and why they are so highly valued by our clients), we are to provide a Vanilla Report, which provides an overview of a typical Ennis & Co report. Contact us to request a Vanilla Report. Please provide your name, contact details, company address and your reason for requesting a report.