Al Clarke


Al has been Chairman of the Ennis & Co Advisory Group since 2015 and continues to bring invaluable knowledge, particularly when it comes to integrating strategies, solutions and enhancing communication tactics.

With considerable levels of knowledge in the world of marketing, media and beyond, Al has worked within the fields of journalism, PR and communications for over three decades – predominantly in the automotive sector.

After starting out as a presenter with the BBC for commercial radio, Al moved on to become Head of Communications for the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), before taking on various brand director roles for Ferrari spanning more than five years.

Al then took his extensive knowledge and skillset into several consultancy roles, notably for Advanced Propulsion Centre UK, The London Taxi Company, Vodafone Automotive, Triumph Motorcycles and Meridian Mobility UK.

With a passion for reducing vehicle emissions and helping to reduce the effects of climate change, Al now works in marketing and communications for AllowAIR, as well as supporting the Ennis & Co team and operating as a consultant in his own right.