Is it patronising or progressive to have an awards programme for women in the car industry? The answer will depend on your own perspective but at Ennis & Co we’re very clear that because the Autocar Great British Women in the Car Industry programme celebrates success and achievement, then it makes absolute sense and that’s why we’re providing practical support in 2017.

Our business is all about the development of people, finding and placing the best candidates to drive performance for our clients’ businesses. This means that we’re only concerned with people’s skills, experience and attitude and entirely independent from their gender, race or any other classification.

When Autocar approached us to get involved with the programme we were delighted to bring our experience to support the goal this year of identifying and promoting the sector’s most promising rising stars and highlighting the opportunities for careers within it. There is evidence aplenty about the benefits a gender balanced organisation brings to a business and that’s why we’re supporting Autocar and the other partners to drive awareness of the talent pool available in our industry.

Our involvement with this year’s event provides two things;
Reviewing and supporting the shortlisting of submissions to provide the judges with the most relevant candidates. This is what we do for clients every day and brings our experience to the programme enabling the awards to focus on the brightest talent.

Chairing the panel debate on career progression and making the most of opportunities. We work with organisations at both national and global level providing guidance and insight for leadership teams and individuals to maximise their opportunities and potential. We are proud to bring this to the event for the benefit of the attendees and participants.

Lynda Ennis, founder of Ennis & Co said ‘There must be a pipeline of talent nurtured at the beginning of a career, so that when today’s leaders leave the stage there is a steady and plentiful supply of talent flowing through to follow them. Industry must not get fixated on targets and quotas, but concentrate on encouraging and developing that talent early. It is not enough simply to talk the talk, sign up to self-help gurus and tick the box on diversity, firms must follow through with real action and that’s why’re supporting the Autocar Great British Women in the Car Industry in 2017’

Ennis & Co is proud to support the Autocar Great British Women in the Car Industry programme. The awards will be presented on 21 June 2017. For more details visit the Autocar website dedicated to the event.