The automotive industry, like any other sector, attempts to meet the diverse expectations of customers and other stakeholders but with mixed results. Some organisations focus on gender diversity with positive discrimination and targets, whilst others have implemented programmes to balance physical and mental health diversity in the workforce.

Whatever diversity means to you (and more importantly your customers), it is and will remain a challenging and difficult topic. Take a look inside your local automotive factory, supplier or retailer – do you see diversity in action? Does the workforce reflect the customer base or the local community it serves?
Ennis & Co would like to inspire HR leaders in the automotive sector to take action on diversity by providing them with examples and practical tools to reduce the friction which often holds back progress. We believe that the automotive industry can move forward by looking beyond the sector to learn and embrace success from other organisations in the UK. We have all seen successful knowledge transfer in IT, engineering and technology from across sectors, opening the way to provide diversity in the development of people.

Change is difficult and only happens when like-minded people are motivated and inspired to make things happen and sustain their effort to achieve measurable outcomes. Together we can make change happen in 2017.

Working together to make a difference

We have partnered with Auto Trader and employee engagement specialists Engage to canvass views of senior leaders around the topic of diversity and inclusion. The results will provide insight into where action on diversity has succeeded and where further work is needed – along with practical insight. Ennis & Co will bring together a group of HR leaders in October 2017 to share the results of the survey and then work together on the key areas requiring action, leading to a commitment by the group to act on the findings along with a white paper.

If you would like Ennis & Co to keep you updated with details about this programme, please contact us here.