During a time where everything is constantly evolving at such a fast pace, it has been extremely humbling to watch the incredible coverage of the D-Day 75th anniversary. I have been completely hooked from the get-go. Some of you may not have seen the ceremony footage yet but I honestly urge you to take time out of your busy schedules to take a look…

Seeing the D-Day veterans and hearing their stories has always been amazing. Yet for some reason, this year it has really ‘hit home’ for me, more so than ever.
It goes without saying it’s impossible to forget the sacrifice so many people made to defend and protect our country. Their strength and determination to work towards a future of peace and solidarity for us is something that really resonates; especially during a time of such uncertainty. Which is why, I think, now more than ever… we need to remember what these wonderful people have done for us and believe in our country no matter what. For whatever we may be up against next, it’ll be nothing compared to what we, as a nation, have already endured.

I leave this note, with happiness in my heart, for our country. I also want to add a personal salute to my fantastic 93-year-old war veteran and hero, who I’m proud to call my Dad. Although not a D-Day veteran himself, he well and truly served our country during the war and I’ve never looked up to anyone more.