Why career transitioning is like a marathon.

I don’t know about you, but I found the London Marathon inspiring and not a little instructive. I participated in the marathon-length London Moonwalk a few years ago, so I know that it’s a great undertaking to cover 26 miles at any speed. I remember the training, the sore feet, and the occasional sugary intake...
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Let women help women: but don’t let it be about quotas.

Despite the new shared parental leave law, more women than men will experience a significant career break to have children, and will need to navigate their way back into work and face the challenges associated with this. Other women in an organisation who have undergone the same experience would have a unique opportunity here to...
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Are you missing a great networking opportunity? What the savvy candidates know.

This post is about my favourite element of my job, which is working with candidates. More specifically, it’s about something I have noticed the best candidates manage to do throughout the process of being approached by a Search professional like me, then continue to do when being interviewed by my clients, and thereafter right to...
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Age is just a number: Catching up with Ennis & Co’s Client Relationship Manager, Freddie Keyworth

Oscar Wilde once said; “With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone.” And how relevant this is, so many years on… It doesn’t seem such a surprise now that younger people are advancing in their careers so quickly. Yet the barrier of which can, arguably, be ‘lack of experience.’ This is something quite consistently...
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May you live in interesting times (or volume, premium, luxury….vanishing oppositions?)

Suggesting that the automotive industry needs to evolve if it is to flourish is a little like pointing at an elephant and calling it big. But the automotive industry is one that can barely move for all the elephants in the room. This is an industry we love, and as we have suggested elsewhere, it...
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Attracting Women to the industry is about more than gender politics.

We’ve had a very positive response to the event report (alluded to in our last blog) that we sent out to our delegates and speakers at the end of last month. I mentioned in the last blog that we were going to use the event to ask delegates to vote on some key questions concerning...
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