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Search is a collaborative exercise, in so many ways. It’s my job to make sure that an assignment is successful, regardless of the challenges, but the real joy is when a supplier and a client can enter into the whole exercise in a spirit of true partnership. What that actually entails is beyond the scope of this blog, but so much of what lies behind successful collaboration is down to attitude, belief and, if you look deeply enough, generosity.

On that subject (and as we recently wrote in our March newsletter*) this industry is at a point now where collaboration is not just beneficial but almost mandatory across vertical markets, within the supply chain, and in some circumstances, even between competitors. This takes vision, generosity, and courage: progress happens when people are brave enough to step outside of the norm, and that is not easy within organisations large or small.

Those qualities have, I think, been evident in everyone who has helped us with our industry working group and our conferences to date. If you follow Ennis & Co, you’ll know that our next event, on April 14th, is an invitation-only, interactive conference, where we will be discussing the opportunities, challenges and drivers within the industry today and in the future, particularly from a talent perspective.

The people who have worked with us over the past 18 months to help us get to this point – many of whom will be speaking at the event – have volunteered their precious free time, energy and ideas, and, by their very willingness to be involved, are showing that they are at the vanguard of the industry. As are many of the delegates, many of whom we know to be progressive thinkers who have the future health of our industry high on their personal agendas. If you’re one of them, we look forward to seeing you and hearing your thoughts at the event – your participation will make it all the better.

On the subject of volunteers and the spirit of generosity, there’s a reason, beside the headline, why I chose the image that accompanies this blog. We’re very proud of Ennis & Co team member Jo Church, who will be running the Brighton Marathon on Sunday 17th April, for the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. Her just giving link is below, should you feel inclined to sponsor her.

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