Too old to get hired? Here are 5 practical ways to enhance your employment prospects

What I had thought was a problem for job-seekers in their fifties and older is, apparently, now being experienced by some candidates in their mid-to-late forties – a worrying trend at a time when the UK population is getting older.
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Job candidates in their 50s can add real value to businesses – so why is ageism still so rife?

Imagine a scenario where the selection panel for a senior executive role rejected a shortlisted candidate purely on the grounds that they were female, black or disabled. Seems pretty unthinkable, doesn’t it? Now consider a scenario where a candidate is turned down because they are in their fifties, despite having all the necessary experience and...
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What it takes to be a stand-out candidate

In the competitive world of the automotive industry, candidates need to stand-out from the get-go in order to outshine the competition. It is true that first impressions do count, and experienced recruiters can often sense early on when they have found the perfect candidate. In an industry which sees 856,000 people employed and with an...
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Richard Gordon – keeping the journey going, no matter the pace

Having been an associate with us at Ennis & Co for almost a year now, we are still so thrilled that Richard continues to support us with his almost limitless industry knowledge. I say almost – as recently he looked at the word ‘limitless’ and commented- ‘that’s a bit worrying!’ His modesty still knows no...
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Vertu Motors Plc appoints Andy Goss as Non-Executive Chairman

Vertu Motors Plc, the automotive retailer with a network of 123 sales and aftersales outlets across the UK, today announced the appointment of Andy Goss as Non-Executive Chairman, with effect from 25 July 2019. Andy, who is currently a Non-Executive Director and has been on the Board since 3 September 2018 has been appointed following...
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Age is just a number: Catching up with Ennis & Co’s Client Relationship Manager, Freddie Keyworth

Oscar Wilde once said; “With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone.” And how relevant this is, so many years on… It doesn’t seem such a surprise now that younger people are advancing in their careers so quickly. Yet the barrier of which can, arguably, be ‘lack of experience.’ This is something quite consistently...
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