What it takes to be a stand-out candidate

In the competitive world of the automotive industry, candidates need to stand-out from the get-go in order to outshine the competition. It is true that first impressions do count, and experienced recruiters can often sense early on when they have found the perfect candidate. In an industry which sees 856,000 people employed and with an £82 billion turnover in 2017, the UK automotive industry is a very attractive and varied market to be in (SMMT).

The industry is so diverse that for an executive search organisation the roles and ideal candidate required can be quite varied. With so many different sectors and areas of the industry to go into the range of job roles is unending. However, for Lynda and Jamie there are certain attributes which are always beneficial in a candidate.

When asked what makes a candidate stand out to them, Jamie had a clear opinion:

“Communication and the responsiveness to communication.”

Fast responses to emails are especially appreciated as it helps keep the process in motion and makes organisation much easier. Being able to articulate well is also of great importance, particularly within the interview stage.

Jamie also has appreciation for candidates who respect Ennis & Co and the process here.

Lynda agreed and added that candidates who ask all the right questions and are well prepared for the interview are welcomed. Somebody who is very clear about what they want, and you know that they’re making a decision that’s right for them. Honesty is also of vital importance.

When asked if a candidate has ever made a special impression, Lynda mentioned receiving hand-written thank you notes, or even hampers and bottles of wine on occasion. Thoughtful touches such as this are unusual but always appreciated.

Of course, there is no ‘perfect’ candidate, and different roles will be suited to different people. However, overall it seems that in order to shine during an interview what is needed are basic skills done well. Good communication, honesty and respect are at the core of a good interview, traits which are sometimes overlooked and often undervalued.

It could be argued that more organisations should hire people based on who they are over the experience they have in the sector. Most people can be trained quickly and effectively into any niche market but fitting in with co-workers and having the ingrained values that an organisation promotes cannot be taught so easily. As well as this, there are other positives that a business can benefit from by hiring outside their industry. For example, newcomers to an industry bring with them a fresh perspective and outlook. Particularly when looking to rethink or reimagine an area of work, it is sometimes beneficial to introduce a completely new way of thinking. In an ever-evolving industry with a £2.6 billion investment in 2017, the future of automotive is bright, and having the right people for the job is of vital importance (SMMT).

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by Comms Team

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