On Sunday 22nd April 2018, four of the Ennis & Co team will be undertaking a marathon attempt in support of the Brain Tumour Charity. While Jo Church and Freddie Keyworth will be running the Southampton Half Marathon, in Hampshire, Lynda Ennis and Al Clarke will be walking the same distance, doing one-mile laps, around Hythe Marina in the New Forest. Two halves make a whole! This is rescheduled from our originally planned date of March 18th.

Explains Lynda: “Sometimes in life you have to take control and do something because to walk on by is not an option. It happened to me a few weeks ago when my friend Becky Scott told me about five-year-old Toby Ritchie who had been diagnosed with a brain tumour. The remarkable story of how his family have responded, by raising £3 million so far to support paediatric research into brain tumours, spurred me to ask the team at Ennis & Co how we could support the Brain Tumour Charity.

“It was immediately obvious that we have neither Olympic talents nor the time to develop them as a team and so we have created the Unconventional Marathon which will take place simultaneously on Sunday 22nd April in Southampton and Hampshire. Whilst Freddie and Jo pound the streets of Southampton, Al and I will be completing 13.2, one-mile laps of the beautiful Hythe Marina.”

There are two ways you may choose to help us respond to the Ritchie family’s challenge and get involved:

1) We would be most grateful if you would consider making a donation on this JustGiving page.

2) We would like to welcome you to join us at Hythe Marina on Sunday 22nd April from 10am to walk with us for some of the journey. ‘Do a lap with us’ or simply come and say hello. Bring the family, friends (and the dog) and walk a mile or more and together we can support this incredible charity.

If you are free on Sunday 22nd April, and are planning to come, please respond to Jo Church on 01590 608242 or and she’ll send through timings and directions.