Great Women in the British Car Industry

Ennis & Co are delighted to again support the Autocar Great Women in the British Car Industry event this year.

You may note there has been a slight name change to the previous initiative, which is in order to recognise women working within the sector based in Britain from overseas, as well as those working globally within automotive and are British passport holders.

This works brilliantly for several reasons.

One reason being the focus on diversity and inclusion, which, as you may know, is a subject close to Ennis & Co’s core values. Working closely with organisations at both national and global levels as executive search specialists- Ennis & Co know just how fantastically diverse the talent pool is all over the world. And this is where the now broader parameters will serve to attract those that have perhaps missed out in recent years, which is an exciting notion.

The top 100 will be selected from specific areas within the industry: including aftersales, people development, mobility, digital and many more. Sitting outside the top 100, there is also a category for apprentices to celebrate new talent within the industry.

At such a pivotal decade for automotive… this is an exciting initiative which will provide the perfect platform for many talented individuals to bask in their successes. Entries are now open here:

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